Sounding Jerusalem Festival

The “Sounding Jerusalem” Music Festival was founded in 2006 with the aim of fostering a cultural dialogue between Europeans, Israelis and Palestinians from all ethnic, social and religious backgrounds to its utmost according to the current social and political possibilities.

Supported by and cooperating with numerous European institutions and representations, the project is committed to abolishing social, political and religious prejudice and provide for a homologous integration of people of all social stratums in an international discourse.

After a 5 year break carrying the idea of Sounding Jerusalem into the world („Mélange Oriental“, „Neighbourhood Concerts“) the festival returns to its very roots – the heart of Jerusalem and its surroundings. In the summer of 2017, 9 exciting concert programmes at different unconventional concert venues in historical East- and West Jerusalem and the West Bank are planned: such as the courtyard of the Church of the Redeemer, rooftops of the Old City, YMCA Three Arches, Mount of Temptation Jericho.

With more than 65 prominent international and local musicians the festival guaranties highest artistic level. Furthermore the festival will support artistic education for children and youth through participative workshops and concerts with the artists of the festival. Participants will also play a Jerusalemite Parade alongside the artists at the final Roof Concert of the festival.

Through the cooperation with numerous local partner institutions and networks the Sounding Jerusalem festival strives to strengthen local initiatives and to support the assembly of a regional network nurturing intercultural activities.

haus.kultur – Die Steirischen Nachbarschaftskonzerte

Free concerts to bring people of different cultural and social background together and to explore the spaces at various unique neighborhoods in Styria/Austria.

Africa Project

Initiative in cooperation with the German Embassy in Sudan and the Franschhoek Mountain Chamber Music Festival to support classical music in South Africa and Sudan.